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The promo will be running till March 31, 2023.

Seagate Storage Upgrade Promotion

Upgrade to the newest generation of intelligent storage.

When you need a reliable storage systems, Seagate delivers. Elevate your data storage offering by upgrading to the newest generation of storage.

Limited quantities available

Upgrade Promotion

This Seagate Storage Systems promotion allows you to upgrade their existing data center storage to today’s generation of storage hardware that includes density, capacity, advanced protection, and software features, along with modern self-healing technology.

Upgrade Program Benefits:

  • Discounts on Seagate Systems product portfolios.*
  • Discounts on Seagate Systems service and support subscriptions.*

Promotion Process:

Reach out to us to discuss any upgrade opportunities, including the potential of data transfer service. We will work with Seagate to confirm your promotion.

*Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions shown are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice. Promotion Period: 1st Nov 2022 – 31 Mar 2023

How It Works

Step 1

Contact us

Step 2

We will help you upgrade your existing data center storage to today’s generation of storage hardware.

Step 3

Get discounts on Seagate Systems product portfolios, service and support subscriptions.*

What's Included

Exos X Advanced Storage Arrays

Tightly integrated for maximum capacity and high performance.


Self-healing and self-managed storage for enhanced reliability and hands-off performance.

Exos E Expansion Storage

Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your business while optimizing cost.

Exos AP Mass Storage Servers

Easily scale your data systems while reducing your footprint with our versatile and feature-rich design.

Seagate Systems Service

Seagate Support Subscriptions

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