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Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2 Solid State Drives (SSD)
Perfect for creative pro, SOHO, and SME NAS

Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2  M.2  SSD

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Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2 SSD
Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2 SSD - 500GB Drive
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Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2 SSD - 1TB Drive
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Seagate IronWolf 525 M.2 SSD -2TB Drive
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Seagate IronWolfOverview:

Built for NAS, Seagate IronWolf 525 enables fast caching and tiered storage for best-in-class NAS performance. Designed with PCIe Gen 4 support and class-leading endurance and reliability, IronWolf 525 is the ideal choice for creative pros and businesses with demanding performance needs.

  • Future-Proof Speed
    IronWolf 525 boosts NAS caching and tiered storage solutions with PCIe Gen 4 speeds up to 5000MB/s while maintaining backward compatibility with PCIe Gen 3 systems.
  • Always On, Always Accessible
    Designed to deliver performance in demanding 24x7 low latency, multi-user environments, enabling fast access to data any time, anywhere.
  • Built Tough
    Endurance rating of 0.7 DWPD ensures robust performance in NAS and other intensive client workloads.
  • Class-Leading Reliability
    Rated for 1.8M hours MTBF and includes a 5-year limited warranty for best-in-class total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Purpose-Built Capacities
    Choose from 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, ideal for primary storage or fast caching
  • IronWolf Health Management (IHM)
    Actively monitor and protect your NAS data with error Prevention, Intervention and Recovery recommendations.
  • Data Recovery
    Includes 3-year complimentary Rescue Data Recovery Services 4 in the event of accidental data corruption or drive damage

Best-Fit Applications

  • Commercial and Entry-Level Enterprise NAS
  • High performance Workstations and PCs
  • U.2 to M.2 adapters for U.2 NVMe SSD drive bays