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Seagate Flagship Systems

Exos X 5U84

Hybrid RAID

Seagate Exos X 5U84

Exos® X 5U84, a just-right hybrid RAID configuration, is the ultradense, intelligent solution for maximum capacity and performance at an exceptionally low TCO.

  • 80 x 16TB HDDs
  • 4 x 1.92TB SSDs
  • 8 x 10GigE SFP
  • Software Bundle
  • 1 Year Software Maintenance
  • Total Capacity: 1.288PB
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Exos X 2U12

Entry SAN Storage Array

Seagate Exos X 2U12

Exos® X 2U12 is an entry-level SAN that delivers advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at an optimal cost.

Exos X 2U24

Value Flash

Seagate Exos X 2U24

Seagate Exos® X 2U24 is the affordable all-flash array (AFA) system for critical workloads that demand the highest performance.

Exos E 4U106

Cloud Building Block

Seagate Nytro X 2U24

Seagate Exos E 4U106 is the largest building block delivering industry-first capacity and density without sacrificing data access speed.

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