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Experience blazing speed and solid reliability for all your enterprise storage needs, powered by Seagate's vertically integrated manufacturing.

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Seagate sets the standard in enterprise storage with its Flagship Systems lineup. Our products deliver unmatched speed, reliability, and capacity, ensuring your data storage needs are not just met, but exceeded.


  • Exos X 5U84: Hybrid RAID, 1.288PB capacity. The perfect blend of speed and storage at a low TCO.
  • Exos E 4U106: Cloud giant, 1.7PB. Unmatched capacity and density.
  • Exos X 2U12: Entry-level SAN, 192TB. Advanced protection, optimal cost.
  • Exos X 2U24: All-flash array, 369TB. For workloads that demand peak performance.

Featuring Mozaic 3+ technology in the Exos CORVAULT 4U106, we're pushing the boundaries of efficiency and capacity, making our solutions not just powerful, but eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Discover the future of data storage with Seagate.

High Performance and Capacity

For customers seeking the pinnacle of storage capacity and performance, the Exos X 5U84 and Exos E 4U106 stand out as our flagship models. These solutions are designed to meet the demands of data-intensive environments, offering unparalleled storage capabilities and speed.

  • Exos X 5U84: This ultradense configuration is the epitome of intelligent storage solutions, boasting a total capacity of 1.288PB. It combines 80 x 16TB HDDs with 4 x 1.92TB SSDs for hybrid RAID configurations, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The inclusion of 8 x 10GigE SFP and a comprehensive software bundle, coupled with 1 year of software maintenance, makes it a robust choice for businesses looking to maximize their data handling capabilities at a low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Exos E 4U106: As the largest building block in our portfolio, the Exos E 4U106 redefines industry standards for capacity and density without compromising on data access speeds. With 106 x 16TB HDDs, it delivers an astounding total capacity of 1.7PB, making it the ideal solution for cloud infrastructure and large-scale data centers requiring massive storage space with efficient power consumption.

Specialized Solutions

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we offer specialized storage solutions tailored to specific requirements. The Exos X 2U12 and Exos X 2U24 are designed for environments where form factor and specific functionalities are key considerations.

  • Exos X 2U12: Tailored for entry-level Storage Area Network (SAN) applications, the Exos X 2U12 delivers advanced data protection, capacity, and performance at an optimal cost. Featuring 12 x 16TB HDDs and 4 x 10GigE SFP, it provides a solid foundation for organizations stepping into the world of SAN storage with a total capacity of 192TB. This model is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for reliable and scalable storage solutions.
  • Exos X 2U24: This affordable all-flash array (AFA) system is engineered for critical workloads that demand the highest levels of performance. With 24 x 15.36TB SSDs, it offers a total capacity of 369TB, combined with 8 x 10GigE SFP for rapid data transfer rates. The Exos X 2U24 is the perfect solution for businesses requiring fast access to data without sacrificing affordability.

Exos CORVAULT 4U106 powered by Mozaic 3+

Breakthrough Hard Drive Technology:

  • Exos CORVAULT 4U106 now includes Seagate Mozaic 3+ drive technology.
  • Seagate Mozaic 3+ technology delivers unprecedented areal densities.
  • Mozaic 3+ in Exos CORVAULT 4U106 contribute to improved levels of terabyte-per-square-foot efficiency by way of the high-capacity disks.

Why Mozaic 3+ in Exos CORVAULT 4U106 matters.

  • Seagate Mozaic 3+ extends the hyperscale efficiencies already built into Exos CORVAULT, enabling storage infrastructure and data center architectures to consume less host CPU, RAM, networking, and power resources per terabyte (TB), reducing the rack power consumption and CO2 footprints per TB.
  • Mozaic 3+ provides a capacity roadmap extending beyond conventional hard drive limitations.