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Accelerate Camera-to-Cloud Workflows

While high-quality digital content is growing exponentially-much to the delight of streaming audiences it leaves IT teams scrambling to house and leverage all of it.

That's where Seagate Exos CORVAULT comes in. Built with breakthrough hard drive and data protection technology, it closes the gaps between volume, efficiency, availability and cost so that data centers can keep up and do more with loads of content.

Simplify Content Storage and Delivery

Create, store, and access content for wide-ranging digital media workflows — including production, streaming and archiving.


Meet Your Post-Production Storage Needs

See how to meet data capture, archive, copy, and access needs in a post-pandemic world.

Case Study

Film Editors Embrace the Two-Armed Hard Drive

When standard drives weren’t cutting it, Exos 2X14 saved the day.


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